1. Climb to the top of Mt. Fuji.
  2. Travel in an overnight bus.
  3. Sing in a karaoke bar!
  4. Try out an onsen.
  5. Do ‘hanami’ (cherry blossom viewing) while in Japan.
  6. Stay in a ryokan.
  7. Visit all main islands of Japan.
  8. Try authentic sashimi (raw fish).
  9. Visit the Imperial Palace in Tokyo.
  10. Experience the capsule hotel lifestyle!
  11. Go up the Tokyo Tower. (Try not to be scared of the height, too.)
  12. Go to a local izakaya.
  13. Participate in Aomori’s Neputa festival.
  14. Visit the Sannai Maruyama site in Aomori.
  15. Visit Saishoin Temple in Hirosaki.
  16. Visit the Iwakisan Shrine in Iwaki.
  17. Visit Gappo Park in Aomori.
  18. Go up APSAM in Aomori and take an awesome photo of the skyline!
  19. Go to Sensōji Temple in Asakusa.
  20. Go to a host club in Tokyo.
  21. Get photos of the cosplayers on Harajuku Bridge.
  22. Buy something incredibly useless at the huge Daiso on Takeshita Doori.
  23. Buy something incredibly useful at the huge Daiso on Takeshita Doori.
  24. Visit Shibuya 109.
  25. Visit Kabukicho (Tokyo’s red light district). Interesting.
  26. Buy a yukata. Suggested place to buy: UniQlo!
  27. Visit Closet Child on Takeshita Doori—the secondhand Lolita palace.
  28. Find a geocache in Japan.
  29. Eat at a conveyor belt sushi bar (and try not to break the budget.)
  30. Go to a maid café.
  31. Take a day trip to Kamakura.
  32. Go to see the ‘Little Edo’ Kawagoe’s buildings.
  33. View the Tokyo skyline from Tokyo Park Hyatt’s New York Bar on the 52nd floor. With a Bellini.
  34. Do the Shibuya scramble crossing.
  35. Find a plastic food shop at Kappabashi-doori.
  36. Get a photo at the Imperial Palace.
  37. Ride the Yamanote line (and not get lost.)
  38. Go to some sort of massive party in Tokyo.
  39. Explore Tokyo Narita Airport.
  40. Find a really, really interesting toilet.
  41. Find a really, really disgusting toilet.
  42. Get a photo in the cherry blossoms.
  43. Get rip-roaringly drunk on sake.
  44. Buy/rent a bicycle in Hirosaki and go everywhere on it. I mean everywhere.
  45. Visit Misawa.
  46. Visit Aomori.
  47. Visit Hachinohe.
  48. Visit Tsugaru.
  49. Visit Kuroishi
  50. Find a koto teacher.
  51. Learn to play (even just a little) tsugaru shamisen.
  52. Go through the underground tunnel to Hokkaido.
  53. Visit Sapporo, land of the beers.
  54. Get over my vendetta and try natto.
  55. Visit the Studio Ghibli Museum.
  56. Make a lasting friend.
  57. Befriend the wildlife.
  58. Teach a lesson.
  59. Find someone from my own country I don’t know (New Zealand!)
  60. Ring a shrine bell and pray.
  61. Watch a kabuki play.
  62. Watch a sumo match.
  63. Pick the most interesting purikura machine I can find, and do it.
  64. Try a weird flavour of Kit-Kat. (I hear there’s lemonade, watermelon, green tea… mmm, green tea.)
  65. Participate in a tea ceremony.
  66. Try 3 kinds of sushi I haven’t tried before at a kaiten-zushi.
  67. Wear a kimono.
  68. Spot a geisha.
  69. Join a club at my university. (Secretly hoping there’s a Japanese archery or kendo club!)
  70. Go for a day-long bike trip.
  71. Make backpacker friends.
  72. Visit Meiji Shrine.
  73. Visit a cat cafe
  74. Do my omikuji (paper fortune!).
  75. Drop in at a Pokemon Center!
  76. Go to ‘hanamatsuri’.

MORE SURELY TO COME. (: I will also be adding some things I have already done in Japan along the way, from my 3-month school stay in Hiroshima. Here’s the add-on list of things I have already done and will write posts on;

  1. Visit Hiroshima.
  2. Visit Nara.
  3. Visit Kyoto.
  4. Go to the famous temples of Kyoto; Kiyomizu and Kinkakuji.
  5. Visit Osaka.
  6. Dress up as a geisha. (I looked completely ridiculous.)
  7. Learn to play the koto.
  8. Go to Universal Studios Osaka.
  9. Go to high-school in Japan.
  10. Ride a shinkansen (bullet train).
  11. Go to a Japanese theater play.
  12. Visit the A-Bomb Dome and the Peace Park.
  13. Participate in Setsubun.


4 thoughts on “THE ACTUAL LIST

  1. I love your bucket list idea!!! I’ve been living in Tokyo for a couple years and have experienced a lot of things, but there’s still a lot out there! It seems like having everything on a list would make trip-planning easier and would be a great reminder of everything you want to do! Great idea! Cute blog! 😉 Next time you’re in Tokyo, I’ll introduce you to my Kiwi friend, Simon, so you can cross of #59!

    • Tokyo is such a big city– I was there for two weeks before moving up to live in Hirosaki, and I barely scratched the surface! Thankyou so much for your kind words. (: (: I’ll be passing through Tokyo at the very start of August on my trek back to New Zealand…!

  2. A Japan bucket list – great concept Lucy!

    I stumbled upon this while searching out a little more background info for my upcoming post on animal cafes. I’ve visited many myself – a cat cafe, goat cafe, rabbit cafe, dog cafe etc. but really enjoyed your cat cafe post, which I’ll link to from my blog soon.

    I hope you manage to complete your list before you leave Japan! In the meantime, here are a few other things you might want to add….
    The wonder platform!
    Tokyo Sky Tree
    Sakura by day
    and by night

    And keep enjoying Japan!

    • Thankyou so much, for the nice comment and the link back! (:

      Gosh– I’m keen for all those things in Tokyo! I’m there for 4-5 days on my way back to New Zealand, so I want to try cram some things in, especially the Sky Tree. I’ve heard you need to book tickets to up it though, because it’s so popular? I saw it being built when I was last there but sadly missed the opening! Off to check out your blog now. (:

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