#19: Go to the Sensōji Temple in Asakusa & #74: Do my omikuji

If there’s one thing I love about Japan, it’s their classical architecture– and even in Tokyo, the world’s biggest city, beautiful buildings are either right next door or simply a train ride away. Asakusa was very close to where I was staying in Tokyo, so of course I wanted to go visit this famous landmark, the Sensōji Temple and the Kaminari-mon (the THUNDER GATESSSSS.) To get there, we took the Toei-Asakusa Metro for two stops from Asakusabashi, and the metro exit is really close to the temple.

We ended up making our way there just as the sun was setting, and I have to say, it was far more beautiful at dusk than it would’ve been during the day. The temples are rigged to be beautifully lit up and it’s simply breathtaking.

the gate!

There’s a long shopping arcade before you come up to the temple, mostly filled with traditional items (fans, chopsticks, yukata, etc.) and food, which are really interesting to take a peek into!

the temple is a popular tourist destination, so it’s usually very crowded.

traditional snacks!

kabuki masks.

There’s also a wee omikuji booth near to the temple, where you can draw your fortune. There are large wooden hexagonal boxes full of sticks sitting on the desk, and to get your fortune, you shake the box until a stick falls out the hole in one end. It’ll have a number written on it, and that’s your fortune! Unfortunately, I got a ‘half fortune’, which ’til this day, I still cannot figure out whether it’s good or bad.

If you get a bad fortune, or one that you don’t like so much, you hang it on this little rack next to the omikuji booth to negate it!


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