Packing 101: ‘It’s Bigger On The Inside’

It’s the day before I leave New Zealand and I’ve got to be ready for a bright, cheerful 6am start tomorrow to haul myself to the airport. I’ve had the traditional goodbye roast dinner with the fam (thanks, Mama Morris!) complete with Austrian coffee cake and now I’m left to my devices and again being faced with the problem that the kitchen sink might just not fit in my little tramping pack. I’m refusing not to take some of my lifesavers with me though– here are some things that I think are essential to anyone leaving their country for a while, or at least going somewhere where they can’t easily read a label that says ‘painkillers‘.


Nurofen, which I ecstatically found comes in 96s.
For: the headaches I will inevitably get while trying to figure out while street my hostel is on.

I hear Daenerys is pretty cool.

The first book of a Song and Ice and Fire, which, on the 10 hour wait in SYD airport, I might actually get a chance to start.
For: staving off boredom and keeping awake. Last time I slept in an airport (in Fiji) I didn’t feel comfortable until I tied all my baggage around my legs before I nodded off, and I get the feeling George R. R. Martin will be more comfortable than that.

Presents, stating my cultural heritage (i.e., rugby and flipflops). When I bought these at tourist shops today, I felt more of a fish out of water than the two cruise-ships worth of sightseers in there. On the plus side, I feel fairly patriotic now!

(I just realised it shows I’m holding my country’s flag the wrong way around here, but I swear that’s my webcam’s fault. Contrary to popular belief, I know which side the stars go on!)
For: presents for those I meet, or おみやげ。Japan has a huge gift-giving culture and I’d like to be part of it this time– I wasn’t all that prepared for it last time I lived in Japan!

 I was flabbergasted by how much this stuff made my luggage weight go up– so I took one of my big bottles of lens fluid out (risky business), hoping that I’ll easily get my grubby mitts on some in Japan.
For: seeing. Integral part of the trip.

For: … no reason, really, apart from the fact I felt oddly patriotic after all that souvenir shopping. Hooray for New Zealand?

Oh, yeah, and those important things like passports are good to take with you too, I guess. Off to pack the rest of my goods, then to sleep for the big day!

… not that I’ll really be able to sleep. Just mentally envisioning what it’ll be like to get to Japan and realise I left my glasses/credit card/soul in my poky flat in Dunedin…


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