Mini-emergencies, packing and ultimate room destruction.

I can’t believe that I’m off to Tokyo in a day. Well, I kinda can– having adamantly believed for the past 5 months that I’d be leaving tomorrow (the 19th) and not Tuesday (the 20th). Imagine my face when I printed out my itinerary a couple of days ago; if you need some help imagining, here’s something to help you out:

So technically, I should be able to believe I’m going tomorrow, if I believed I was going today. Deep stuff, really! So I’m trying to kid myself into thinking I’ve done all the sensible things– printed off my plane tickets, changed my currency, settled my two-month-long oustanding account at my GP’s– yeah, all the sensible things. But I just cannot bring myself to pack. Packing is one of my least favourite things to do, usually because no matter how hard I try, something important gets left behind– and I try pretty hard. I’m just haunted by the fact that last time I traveled around New Zealand to try get to a competition in Auckland, I managed to leave some of my belongings in every major centre in the country; something I had bought in Auckland, my coat and my toothpaste (crucial item, right there, as I came to find out) in Dunedin, my DSLR ended up in Wellington (after going to Whangarei, via Auckland) and my phone charger cable in Christchurch. So, simply put, I’m not particularly good at retaining my belongings.

I’ve attempted to put a lot of thought into this trip though, and am a little worried at how small my luggage looks when you take a glance at it…

Stylish, maybe, but still small. One of my biggest fears was arriving in Tokyo with a huge suitcase and getting shut in a train door because I was too slow/small/sickly to get my butt in there in time, so I (with the advice of some other friends who had done the same) opted into buying a large travel/tramping pack at a convenient New Year’s sale. My strategy is, if it’s strapped to me, then it’s staying with me. Only being a weeny 65L deal, I’ve managed to stuff almost half my closet into this pack and it’s not even 3/4 full yet, so I’m staggeringly impressed.

However, my partner is probably not so impressed with the destruction I laid upon our bedroom while agonizing on which five pairs of shoes to take, ranked by stylishness versus walkability. If walkability isn’t a word, consider it one now.

Now that I had myself psyched up to leave on Monday, I feel like I’m in a limbo now– a limbo surrounded by piles upon piles of unsorted clothes.

Woe is me! Bring on Tuesday so we can get this bucket list kickin’!


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